Eliseo Salinas, MD, MSc

Eliseo Salinas, MD, MSc is a Pharmaceutical R&D professional with 31 years of experience developing medicines for a variety of therapy areas. He has been directly involved with over 20 IND submissions and 15 international regulatory approvals. During the last 17 years of his career, he has been Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Medical Officer, or Head of R&D for specialty pharma or biotech companies, developing small molecules, biologics, cell, and gene therapy. 

Most recently he was Head of R&D at Passage Bio, a company focused on the development of gene therapy treatments for CNS disorders. He was previously Chief Scientific Officer at Acadia Pharmaceuticals, Head of R&D and Chief Scientific Officer at Shire, Head of Development and Chief Medical Officer at Elan Pharmaceuticals, Head of Worldwide CNS Development at Wyeth, and Head of R&D at several small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. 

Dr. Salinas lived his formative years in Argentina and received his MD from the University of Buenos Aires. He spent the next 16 years in Paris, completing his residency in Psychiatry at the Clinique des Maladies Mentales et de l'Encéphale, and obtaining a Master’s degree in Pharmacology from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie. After starting his career in Industry in France he moved to the US where he has been established for the last 22 years.