Paul Vancutsem, DVM, PhD

Dr Paul Vancutsem (DVM, MS, PhD), originally from Belgium, is an experienced scientist and leader, anchored in toxicology/DMPK with solid knowledge of drug development, including from regulatory affairs and project leadership.  Paul was faculty at the University of Illinois (Champaign), where his laboratory focused on hypothalamus development following early exposure to steroids. That work was recognized by the teratology society. After leaving the academic, Paul joined the pharmaceutical industry (Schering Plough and 10 years in Novartis).  In Novartis, Paul drove an investigative preclinical and clinical strategy to address the liver safety findings of lumiracoxib. The results were published in Nature Genetics.  Paul then moved to biotech with IND and NDA successes, mostly in oncology (Constellation and Tesaro).  Paul has produced multiple regulatory submissions including multiple INDs, and 7 (seven) marketing authorizations. In the last two years, Paul ran his own consulting company and participated in the development of small molecules, peptides, biologics, gene and cell therapy.  Over his career, Paul’s focus veered towards the central nervous system whenever possible, so joining Delix was an obvious choice, when the opportunity came knocking.