Our History

Harnessing the power of neuroplastogens

Delix was founded on the idea that if you could expand the therapeutic psychedelics' potential and remove the hallucinatory traits, the results could be extraordinary new treatments for neurological conditions.

The founders came together with the sole purpose of developing these next generation neuroplastogens, which could change the way we think about treating the brain.

A new neurological paradigm

Today, Delix is leading a new paradigm in mental health and neurological treatments: harnessing the brain's ability to grow.

We are developing compounds that spark the brain's own structural neuroplasticity pathways to regrow and reconnect neurons damaged by disease. Because Delix focuses on orally bioavailable compounds (ie, medications that can be taken as a tablet or a pill) that do not cause hallucinations or cardiac issues, our products offer at-home administration, reducing the complexity of treatment associated with other neuroplastogens such as the first-generation psychedelics.

The road to neuroplastogens


First Generation

Clinical use of classic psychedelics


Second Generation

Reformulated psychedelics for altered PK and delivery


Third Generation

Nonhallucinogenic neuroplastogens