Milan Chytil, PhD

During his >20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Milan has led many research projects in various therapeutic areas of psychiatry. He evolved multiple novel chemotypes from a research idea into successful clinical trials.  Most recently, he used a unique whole-animal phenotypic screening approach to develop a compound for treatment resistant depression.  At Delix Milan is applying his expertise in phenotypic screening to develop non-hallucinogenic psychedelics-inspired analogs into drugs to treat diseases with high unmet medical needs.  In addition to his leadership in medicinal chemistry, Milan had established a high-performing CMC group and is using his computational chemistry prowess to accelerate the progress of Delix’s programs through the application of Machine Learning.

Milan has authored numerous issued patents and scientific articles and reviews and is a member of the American Chemical Society.  Milan obtained his PhD degree in organic chemistry at Harvard University in 2000 working in Prof. Greg Verdine’s lab and then did post-doctoral research in asymmetric catalysis in the labs of Prof. Eric Jacobsen, also at Harvard University.